Help! I Have Body Odour Even After Bathing

Body odour

Long, long ago, humans could sweat, go through hormone changes and not bath for weeks and nobody minded the smell. In fact, that smell was one of the ways to attract the opposite side.

However, this doesn’t mean your wife will think your sweaty odour after some manual labour on a hot day is sexy. Today, research shows that the way you smell matters more to those around you than any other physical aspect, including how you look.

With the arrival of deodorant soaps, running water and chemical antiperspirant, our tastes have definitely changed. If you practice good hygiene and are still not happy with the way you smell, here are a six things you can try:

1. Ask someone else for an opinion

Do you think you smell bad or do you really smell? Some peoples noses “hallucinate.” You could be smelling something that’s not actually there. So, get feedback from a friend.

2.Speak to your doctor

Your body odour could be a sign of a serious disease or a side effect of a drug you’re taking. If bacteria is causing your odour, your doctor can prescribe an antibiotic to help you.

3. Check your diet

Onions and garlic are the biggest causes of body odour and can stay on your skin for hours after you’ve eaten them. Some people get a fishy odour after eating eggs, liver, fish and beans. These foods are high in choline which produces a substance called trimethylamine and some people fail to metabolize it properly giving off a funny smell.

4. Try natural astringents

Natural astringents include witch hazel, calendula, arnica lotion and coriander extract. Bathing or rubbing with these herbs can help fight odour-producing bacteria.

5. Try ingredients from your kitchen

Dabbing lemon juice under your underarm or powdering your underarm or feet with corn starch or baking soda can help absorb some of the odours.

6. Take supplements

You can improve the way you smell with mineral supplements. So, ensure your multivitamin contains magnesium, calcium and zinc.

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