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Please join our Charity Initiative, and help Life Retreat to keep SA Warm.  Mixed batches of polar fleece blankets and scarves are available @ cost.For a few years now, we have taken the initiative to manufacture scarves and blankets, and to resell them at cost.  By doing this we are able to create employment.  As, the more we sell, the more unemployed people we can employ to do the sewing.  We have sold 10s of 1000s of blankets so far, and they have been distributed to various Charities, including orphanages, animal shelters, old age homes, homeless, schools and so many more.

You have the choice of either purchasing directly from us, and redistribute to Charities of your choice.  By clicking on: Blanket Orders or Scarf Orders

Or, you can transfer money into the following bank account, and as your reference, insert Charity, and we will distribute them for you, and send you pictures too. (Please note, you do not have to purchase a whole box of blankets, if you would like us to distribute them for you, you are more than welcome to state how many blankets you would like, at R35.00 a blanket) You can email us for a quote by inserting ‘Charity’ in the subject line to

Acc: L-E-L-C
Bank: FNB
Acc No: 62504378119
Branch: Somerset Mall
Branch Code: 200912

This week we are dropping off blankets and scarves that have been donated to various Orphanages in Johannesburg.  Photos will follow.

We encourage everyone to send in photos, of themselves sharing the Winter Warmth.  We have received many so far, and they all touch our hearts.


Mandela Day is coming up soon, and it’s more than a Celebration of Madiba’s life and legacy. It is a Global movement to honour his life’s work, and act to change the world for the better. It is in our hands now.”

25 Blankets @ R875.00 per Pack, (Only R35.00 each)

25 Scarves @ R350.00 per pack, (Only R14.00 Each)

All of the above are packed in assorted colours and patterns.

Every year we personally hand out blankets to kiddies in need of warmth. There is nothing more rewarding, than seeing those smiles on their little faces, or tucking a baby in warmly.

Charity 3

“Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished” – Nelson Mandela

Specific Colours May be Ordered (email us on with your requirements, in order for us to quote)

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Trish own a business called Life Retreat which is focused on Wellness, Health and Healing. She is married and the Mom of 4 amazing Adult children. ”I began my health and healing journey many years ago, and have studied my entire life. I brought up my children healthily without using medication. Thankfully they have all followed in my footsteps and have followed the healing path with their careers. I am a Yoga Teacher, and practice yoga and meditation regularly. I love hiking and the great outdoors.” QUALIFICATIONS After completing by B Soc Sci Degree and majoring in Psychology I then went on to become a Herbalist I have studied numerous other Healing modalities including Ayurveda, TRE and many more. I am an ISHTA Yoga Teacher

3 Comments on Help Life Retreat to Keep SA Warm

Trish Taylor said : administrator 7 years ago

We have loads of Charities, including Orphanages, and Animal Shelters, that are desperate for Scarves & Blankets, and they have no funding. Please read this link, and help us in any way that you can to Keep SA Warm - winter is far from over.

Trish Taylor said : administrator 7 years ago

Our aim this year is to distribute 10 000 blankets. We did it last year, and we can do it again with the help of all South Africans. Please either purchase blankets/ donate money/ share this post with as many people as possible. Help us to keep SA warm. Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish #blankets #donate #charity

Trish Taylor said : administrator 7 years ago

Hi Samantha The blankets were collected by one of our Lions on Monday. Everything went smoothly. Many thanks for your assistance. We will certainly use your services again. Karina Haynes On behalf of Edenvale Lions

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