How I’ve Got Back Into A Healthier Lifestyle

Healthier Lifestyle

Here at Life Retreat we like to be genuine with our readers. Over the past few months I took it on myself to actively look for a healthy activity to involve myself in, without using the nearest gym which is a 30 minute drive away!

So I took to walking around my town, looking for any potential solutions. I found out that a group of young guys played soccer every evening in the town square, when the shops were deserted.

I’m a bit older than most of them, but I saw it as an opportunity to not only improve my fitness, but

Healthier Lifestyle

Mountain biking is about way more than just fitness/ Photograph: Activeazur

to network and make new friends at the same time. Perfect! So here are my three tips to get into a healthier lifestyle without going to the gym:

1. Get a bike

Seriously. Just buy a bike that you can ride comfortably. It can be a mountain bike or a road bike, it doesn’t matter. The point is that once you start riding, you won’t want to stop. South Africa is an amazing place to ride a bike, better than any country I have visited or lived in in the past.

What’s more, cycling will improve your fitness tenfold. Your leg muscles, your stamina, your strength, your ability. All will be improved once you get yourself moving on your bike!

2. Go local

Like I did with the local soccer players, walk around your area and see if you can spot an activity or sport that you can get involved in.

For me it was soccer, but you can find people all over this wonderful country playing all manner of different sports. Check to see if you have a country club locally – they usually all have excellent facilities. For example our local club has 4 squash courts. Perfect for any budding squash players! Alternatively just visit your local park and see if anything takes your interest.

3. Keep it in-house

If you don’t have the time to go looking for healthy activities, you can always work out in your own home! My partner loves to work out to the fitness videos of Jillian Michaels, specifically her 30 Day Shred Videos.


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2 Comments on How I’ve Got Back Into A Healthier Lifestyle

Joshua said : Guest 7 years ago

We are 100% in agreement, Geraint. Where are your favourite MTB tracks? Or are you a road bike guy?

Geraint said : Guest 7 years ago

Guys take the avdvice about biking. It's so addicting and so good for you

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