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How to Adequately Prepare for your Next Yoga Retreat

How to Adequately Prepare for your Next Yoga Retreat

In our busy lives in our busy world, time for ourselves is often neglected, hence why a yoga retreat is often sought after by many individuals.

However, sometimes the stress of preparing for a yoga retreat sort of defeats the point of having a relaxing break from life. It’s understandable why you’d feel like throwing your yoga mat in when you’re stressed about which one to pack, right? Well, worry not – we’ve got the perfect tips on how to adequately prepare for your next yoga retreat so you can head into it with the least stress possible!


1. Get out a journal and keep track of your life

If you want to adequately prepare for your next yoga retreat, you’re going to need a journal (and a pen). Never underestimate the power of writing things down – it will just about save your brain a whole lot of its energy.

In your journal you should make a list of all of the things you have to do between now and your next yoga retreat, be it to go shopping, renewing your car insurance, remember to eat, or make a phone call to your mother. You should also make a list of everything you have to pack for next your yoga retreat as well as all of the details of how you’re going to get there and the boring admin stuff.

2. Keep practicing yoga before you go

While you may be practicing yoga for the whole duration of your retreat, it doesn’t mean you have a free pass for a break from the exercise in the weeks leading up to your trip. It’s important that you continue practicing yoga before you head off on your next yoga retreat so that you are at your peak fitness and flexibility while away and so that your mind remains clear.

Make sure you don’t over-do the yoga before you go, also. You don’t want to burn your body out before you’ve even got started. So, to adequately prepare for your next yoga retreat, keep doing what you’re doing. And, in the inspiration of the Buddha, follow the Middle Way.

3. Bring mindfulness more into your daily life

Everyone nowadays is talking about mindfulness, but few truly understand its definition. Thankfully, yogis practice mindfulness in their yoga, so you’re covered here. But, seeing as a yoga retreat is mindfulness to the absolute max, it might be a good idea to start incorporating a bit more mindfulness into your daily life.

When you’re driving to work, be aware of what you’re doing rather than allowing your mind to wander to thinking about the day ahead. When you’re eating your breakfast, take a few mindful bites of your food, or sips of your drink. Just keep having mindful moments in your day before you head off.

4. Pack lightly

Remember that list we told you to make of what to pack for your next yoga retreat? Make sure it’s a short one.

So many people will tell you that the more clutter you have around you, the more busy your brain feels. Pack the least amount of things you possibly can ahead of your retreat so that your mind is not busy being in control of so many ‘things’ in your bag. Clutter is bad for you, so leave out the things you know deep down you won’t need. Narrow your packing down to yourself, clothes, your mat, toiletries and something a little sentimental.

5. Leave your phone – or turn on auto-reply

It’s a universal fact that the second you leave work and take a holiday, you get a message or a call asking you to help out. That’s why, if possible, you should leave your phone behind. And if you don’t have that work problem, social media is great to take a detox from.

Of course, not everyone can leave their phones behind. So, to adequately prepare for your next yoga retreat (or adequately prepare those around you), it’s a good idea to tell them to only contact you if it’s urgent or an emergency. And if you’re taking your phone, turn on the auto-reply feature on your emails to let everyone know you’re away.

Enjoy your retreat!

By Lauren E. White

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