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How To Choose Your Baby’s Sex

Choose Your Baby's Sex

Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose the sex of your child? Some parents pay a fortune to clinics to do it. But, you can choose your child’s sex naturally without paying a cent. And today, I’ll show you how…

There are two important components required from each partner. Firstly: the woman must ensure the intercourse at the correct time in her menstrual cycle. Secondly: The man should adjust his sperm count to the required level. When these two essential conditions are met, intercourse leads to the conception of a child.


How to naturally select the sex of your child

Have intercourse at the correct time

To conceive a boy, you have to have intercourse at ovulation. And, to conceive a girl, intercourse should occur before ovulation. This is because the two types of sperm the female-bearing gynesperm move and the male-bearing androsperm move at different speeds. Androsperm are fast-moving but unfortunately die easily, whereas gynesperm are slow-moving but hardy. At ovulation when when the egg leaves the ovaries and enters the fallopian tube, the vagina is bathed in alkaline mucus in which both sperm types can survive. The faster-swimming androsperm usually win the race to the egg after intercourse; thus a boy. However, sometimes the vagina is acidic, and most androsperm can’t live long in an acidic environment. The gynesperm on the other hand, can survive for up to five or six days. They wait to fertilise the egg even when intercourse takes place days before ovulation; thus a girl.

Know your ovulation date

To increase your chances of success, the day of ovulation has to be pinpointed. Usual: Ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the next menstruation. If you have a 28-day cycle, ovulation should take place on day 14. However, even with varying cycles, ovulation still normally occurs 14 days before the next one begins. Therefore, if your cycle fluctuate significantly – say between 30 and 34 days – the day of ovulation should be on day 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20.

So, monitor your daily temperature by taking measurements each morning before you get out of bed, and record it. Ovulation should happen when there is a mid-month temperature drop followed by a sharp rise to a higher level where it stays the same for the rest of that cycle. The temperature usually goes up on the day after ovulation. Other pointers include slippery vaginal mucus, increased libido and pain in the lower abdomen.

Sperm count

 The male-bearing androsperm may be a fast swimmer, but doesn’t cope well with the hazards of the vagina. Many of them die off when they are ejaculated into the woman’s body. Therefore, a high sperm count is required for boys. Female-bearing gynesperm  on the other hand, are tougher and live longer. Many of them survive even in a low sperm count. Therefore, a low sperm count favours girls.

Changing sperm count

To increase your chances of having a child of a specific sex, you may want to change your sperm count which is mainly affected by environmental conditions. 

How to change sperm count for a boy

Reducing the temperature in the scrotum helps raise your sperm count – and is best for a boy. Wear loose underwear and baggy trousers. This allows cool air to circulate around your testicles. Also, have cold showers and cold sponge the genitals. To keep the sperm count high in the month that you want to conceive, abstain from intercourse for not more than one week. Abstaining for a longer period makes the sperm old, slower moving and weaker. In addition, wait for the slippery, ovulatory vaginal mucus, and make love only ONCE while the sperm count is high.  The woman should try to have an orgasm before the man. This is because when a woman orgasms, she releases some alkaline fluid that favours the androsperm.

How to change sperm count for a girl

Increasing the temperature level in the scrotum can lower sperm count which is best for a girl. You(man) need to wear warm tight-fitting underwear and trousers and have hot showers as soon as the period finishes until five days before ovulation. Furthermore, having frequent unprotected sex can also lower sperm count. Then stop, or use a barrier method of contraception for the remainder of that cycle. 


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