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How To Keep Your Minimal Spaces Sophisticated But Simple

Minimal spaces

Most people think of minimal spaces as boring spaces that are just not full of stuff. But, what really differentiates a beautiful minimally designed interior from an empty space? What makes a room rich and sophisticated rather than plain and boring? Well, lets find out…



1. Follow the basic rules of design

These include balance, proportion and harmony and are very important for minimal spaces. Furniture has to be in proportion with itself . It shouldn’t be too big or too small. But, if you do add something big or small, exaggerate by making it extremely big or really small. Furthermore, there has to be a balance in a room – try not to place everything on one side of the room. Harmony refers to your finishing. Try to match and if you can’t ensure there’s some coordination. 

2. Quality over quantity

High-quality and well-made pieces make minimal spaces simple and sophisticated. So, instead of buying a lot of pieces, splurge on high-quality unique finds that stand out in any room.

3. Beauty lies in the details

The little details have the biggest effect in a room. It could be an embroidered element on a pillow, a gold-leafed edge of a frame or even a variety of textures. These small touches can change a minimal space from plain and boring to rich and sophisticated. You don’t notice the beauty at first glance, but they certainly add richness without cluttering. 

4. Stick to neutral colors

There are lots of minimal spaces lots of color. However, unless you’re a professional, it’s advisable to stick to neutral colors. Stick to neutral, calming palettes with earth tones for a simple, sophisticated space.

5. Know when light comes into your home

 Light plays a huge role in creating minimal spaces. You don’t want a big piece of furniture blocking the light. Use window treatments to direct it how you want. Also, know when it comes in your home. You can also splurge on a light fixture that sets the tone for a simple space.


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