How To Make A Young Mother Feel Special

Young mother

Motherhood is not easy. Being responsible for a little, amazing human is hard work.  You go through nursing, diaper changing, potty training, first days of school, holidays and birthdays.

But, with all the highlights and memories, you still have the ordinary everyday days – late nights because of forgotten homework, scraping glue off the floor and constantly cleaning up. And, when you try to enjoy a luxurious four minute shower, they destroy something unbreakable. Now, imagine all this for a young mother. It can’t be easy.


Motherhood has challenges at every stage

However, the early years are physically demanding especially for a young mom. They can leave her discouraged and feeling inadequate. I’m not saying parenting is a walk in the park for older moms. Whether you’re 45 having your 6th baby or 14 with a new baby, parenting is strenuous. It can drain you of all your patience, efforts and tears. But, it’s even worse for a young mom especially when she has a child at the time she’s not quite done with being one herself.

 And, because of these feelings, they find it difficult to reach out. But, it’s always nice to have someone looking over your shoulder and checking up on you. That’s where you come in.


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Five ways to encourage a young mother

There are the little things that can encourage a young mother. They are not dramatic, but the truth is that life is not always altered by what we do, but how we do it. She’ll appreciate it.

1. There’s nothing more encouraging than someone looking in a young mother’s eyes and saying, “You’re a great mom. You’ve got this!”

2. Send her a text just to see how her day is going. It could take a few hours for her to respond. So, be patient. In fact, try to let her know she doesn’t have to respond, all you wanted was for her to know you were thinking of her.

3. Pass by her house to drop her favorite drink, but don’t get in. Let her know you don’t have time. You’ll let her know when you can visit properly (Her house could be upside down).

4. Try to offer an hour or two of your time to help her. It could be doing a chore, running an errand or just sitting with the little ones so she can run an errand.

5. Notice and praise her efforts, especially when they don’t look perfect. Which is usually always. Also, try not to give parenting tips unless she asks. 


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1 Comment on How To Make A Young Mother Feel Special

Melissa Javan said : Guest 5 years ago

Great tips. We underestimate the words "you're doing a good job".

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