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How To Manage Your Loss Of Taste And Smell

How To Manage Your Loss Of Taste And Smell

Your sense of taste and smell are closely connected. When your sense of smell isn’t up to par, chances are your sense of taste isn’t either. Here are a few ways to get your nose and taste buds back in working order.




1. Don’t get hooked on nasal sprays and drops

Not only can a cold, flu, allergies or a chronic sinus infection interfere with your sense of smell, but so can the sprays or drops you use to relieve your stuffy nose. So, try not to use drops ad sprays for more than three days in a row. If you don’t, you’ll get rebound congestion and won’t be able to get relief unless you use more. Your sense of smell will suffer more in the long run.

2. Boost your smelling power with a multivitamin

Sometimes a mineral or vitamin deficiency can affect your sense of smell. Therefore, take a multivitamin for and see if your sense of smell improves. Make sure the multivitamin you take has zinc, a mineral closely connected to your sense of smell.

3. Avoid cigarette smoke

Exposure to cigarette smoke can dull your smelling sense so try to avoid being around smokers as much as you can.

4. Get a whiff of spicy cooking

As you age, you’ll lose taste and smell abilities. If your loss is due to ageing, you can turn up your taste buds and perk up your sense of smell by adding extra seasoning to to food. Some great choices are basil, cinnamon, dill, fennel, garlic, ginger, lemon, pepper, soy sauce and thyme.

A malfunctioning nose can signal a more serious disorder. So, if your loss of sense of taste and smell persists for longer than two weeks, see your doctor.


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