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How To Torch Calories From Your Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

As much as yoga focuses on improving your strength, flexibility and mind-body connection, it can also make you work up a sweat and get your heart rate going. Yes! Yoga can help you burn calories. And today, I’ll show you how a few exercises done on your yoga mat can help you burn fat.



Calorie torching exercises you can do on your yoga mat

Choose the right yoga style

It’s important to pick the correct yoga style. There are different types of yoga to explore. Therefore, different teachers offer something unique to them in their classes. You’re reading this because you probably want to burn fat on your mat. So, try ‘power’ yoga classes. They are typically faster-paced and some even include strength training or weights.

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Do yoga before breakfast

It’s important to exercise before you eat in the morning. According to researchers from the Research Centre for Exercise and Health in Belgium, a flow before breakfast can rev up your metabolism. What’s more, practicing yoga every morning, even just for 15 min, can help to set your day off in the right direction.

Move through your poses slowly

If you want to burn serious calories on the mat, you have to move through familiar poses as slowly as possible. So, when you find yourself doing a chaturanga (mid plank to high plank) into upward facing dog, see if you can use your entire exhale breath to complete your chatauranga before you inhale to an upward facing dog. Most yogis rush through this transition. Slowing down will force your muscles to work harder, burning more calories.

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