How To Unlock Your Greatness


The following is a mastery session on greatness by thought leader Robin Sharma.

I’m spending a lot of time in Rome these days. Writing The 5 am Club, shooting teaching videos, crafting new leadership models and running the ancient streets before the Romans awake. And so, with your highest performance and greatest life at the front of my intentions, I made this new Mastery Session for you.

In it, I’ll walk you through insights on how to multiply the quality of your work by 20 times (based on Italian examples like Moncler and Ferrari), ways to scale your inspiration (from art like Trevi) and a lesson from a master in a cheese shop to make life vastly better (thank you Roberto!). Watch it below.

Snow World @ Grand West

Oh–and if you feel stuck in your life or are doing well but are seriously interested in rising to world-class success, I encourage you to snap up one of the last seats to my new live event Personal Mastery Academy. Unlock your greatness today.

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2 Comments on How To Unlock Your Greatness

Trish said : administrator 6 years ago

HI Janet They are amazing, and Robin is so incredibly inspiring

Janet said : Guest 6 years ago

I'm really getting into Robin's sessions over the past month or so. binge watched the whole first five

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