How To Use Coconut Oil To Remove Make-up

coconut oil

It’s only when you run out of cleansing wipes or makeup remover that you discover amazing alternatives such as coconut oil.

And, I can promise you that once you go coconut oil, you never go back. It not only works better as a make up remover but it’s super-economical  and smells like a tropical vacation.


The benefits of coconut oil for your skin

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile health and beauty products. And, because hormones and stress can wreak havoc on my skin and cause mass breakouts, it’s important to use a make-up remover that can also  improve the quality of your skin. It is”

  • 100% natural so it won’t irritate your skin
  • Intensely moisturizing so you don’t have to apply a moisturizer afterwards
  • Gets rid of even the most stubborn eye make-up
  • Smells divine!

Here are four steps to removing your make-up

Step 1

Scoop coconut oil out of the jar using your fingers. It’ll usually be solid, but if it’s liquid, you can measure an equivalent amount using a spoon. Turn the oil into a liquid by gently rubbing it between your palms.

Step 2

Rub the oil all over your face. Massage it into your eyes if you’re wearing thick eye make-up. You can leave it on your skin for about two minutes so all the make-up dissolves.

Step 3

Splash your face with warm water  to remove the oil and excess make-up. Then wipe it with a damp face cloth.

Step 4

Massage a little bit of coconut oil into your skin for a moisturizing treatment.

Your skin should feel dewy and moisturized right away. Try this for a couple weeks. You’ll see the other benefits  including less noticeable wrinkles and luminous lashes.

Always ensure it is organic virgin

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2 Comments on How To Use Coconut Oil To Remove Make-up

Shimanga said : Guest 5 years ago

Thanks Carol. It's the best. I plan to add it to my moisturizer in winter. Hope it gives me the desired results.

Lois Carol Wessels said : Guest 5 years ago

Love coconut oil been using it for ages , and will use it to remove makeup - thank you for the info

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