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How Your Sleeping Position Can Affect Your Brain

Sleeping Position

If you think your sleeping position only has to do with your neck and back health, think again! By sleeping in a specific position, you can significantly improve the way your brain gets rid of toxins. And, that has a lot to do with whether you develop Alzheimer’s or not.

So, before you you doze off and catch some sleep, find out why you need to seriously to consider how you sleep.


How you should be sleeping

Most health professionals endorsed the fact that sleeping on your back was the healthiest position. This was until a study by the Brooks University in New York confirmed that sleeping on your side is the easiest way to boost your brain health and ward off Alzheimer’s. 

Researchers analysed the brain scans of participants in certain sleeping positions. They found that sleeping on your side allows your brain’s waste removal system to work much better! This is because this position allows the fluid in your spine to exchange with the fluid in your brain more efficiently through the glympahtic pathway. And, this means you get clean, fresh fluid covering your brain in time for the next day’s efforts.

Furthermore, the waste build up from inflammation, pollution, stress, toxins and your diet can flow out of your brain to your liver and other detox pathways. Thus, lowering the levels of constant inflammation and senile plaque build up. This is turn lowers your Alzheimer’s risk!

However, it’s not easy to go from sleeping on your stomach or back to sleeping on your side. So, here are a few tips that can help you make this change.

1. Use pillows and props

When you prop yourself with pillows, it will be easier to get used to sleeping on your side. Put the pillows close to your back when you asleep, and if your bed is close to a wall, use it for more support. And, if your back or hips ache, put a pillow in between your legs and knees. This is a great position for pregnant women.

2. Turn to a side position whenever you wake up

We all wake up constantly during the night. So, try to train yourself to turn back onto your side before you sleep again.

3. Choose a good pillow

When you use the right types of pillows, you’ll be able to sleep on your side throughout the night. A firm pillow at your back and between your legs helps ease any pain. While a shaped pillow supports your head and neck keeping them in alignment and preventing pain.


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