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I Got The Becca Glow!

You’re probably wondering, what is the Becca Glow? And how do i get it? … well you are most certainly at the right place. Becca Cosmetics was founded by Rebecca Morris Williams in Perth – Australia, and was captured by the eye of the formidably Business-Savvy Stella Nondumo-Buthelezi, who delighted our lives by bringing this brand to Africa.

“The whole philosophy of BECCA is about creating a natural, flawless look. It’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary.”
 – Rebecca Morrice Williams, Founder

My Experience:

This past week, I got to play around with a variety of Becca Makeup products. I really enjoy this brand so much!

My skin reacted so well to these products, the shades i used were perfect for my tone, and they left my makeup looking natural with a beautiful glow. A lot of people would appeal to these products because they are not tested on animals and the majority of ingredients are fresh, there aren’t preservatives that are harmful to the skin like many other makeup brands.

Products I Tried & Tested:

I was told by a Becca professional that in order to achieve the perfect foundation look, we must always be sure to use the 3-Step process:

1. Resurfacing Primer (Line and Pore Minimizing) 

This lotion is so silky, it provides a matte finish, preparing the skin for foundation, while minimizing pores and hydrates the surface for a better texture.

2. Radiant Skin Satin Finnish Foundation 

Just like the founder – Rebecca, who got her inspiration from not being able to find a perfect foundation, i seem to have had the same problem in the past. A lot of beauty brands don’t accommodate different skin types, however the Becca range has got a foundation for every skin type, whether it be dry, acne prone, or oily.

I have a fairly dry skin, which is why I just loved this foundation. I managed to apply it so smoothly, with no streaks or blotches. It leaves a dewy, natural finish.

I use ‘Buff’ from this range

3. Fine Pressed Powder

I learnt a couple new makeup tips, one of them being that you always have to set your foundation! I have always been worried that putting powder over my foundation would remove all the natural shines & shadows from your skin, but this is actually just preparation to put the glow back on using other products.

I use ‘Ginger’ from this range

More Becca Products:

  • Shimmering Skin Perfector

My latest obsession! This product does not only look good on your skin, but is unbelievably healthy for it too! The skin perfector can be used on the face as well as your body for some radiance. This formula features ultra-fine light-reflecting pearls for that ultra glow. It can be used in various ways such as:

– Spotlighting (dab on brow and cheek bones)
– A luminescent base (apply all over the face before primer)
– Head to toe glow (add one pump to your daily moisturizer)

It is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins to guard against daily damage caused by free radicals.

I use ‘Pearl’ from this range

  • Mineral Blush

To add a bit of a colour halo to the cheeks, apply this mineral blush. This is a great way to add more of those natural shadows to the face. This is where your contouring takes place, by using various products to create the perfect finish.

I use ‘Flower Child’ from this range

  • Soft Touch Blush 

The soft touch blush, is fairly different to the mineral blush in terms of the colour. I use ‘Wisp’ from this range, which doubles as a blush as well as a bronzer. This is great for winter and summer because it is not overpowering during the winter months. It is also great for adding some light and texture to the face by contouring around the edge of your face-line and on your cheek bones. This product works well with the skin perfector and blush

  • Jewel Dust

The first thing you look at when you greet someone is their eyes, so we need to make sure that our eye makeup is always perfect!

For an everyday look, you can add a light eye shadow to your eyelids, and top it off with some magic dust. I use ‘Xantho’ from this range, which really brightens my green eyes, and makes my eyes look like i have had more than enough beauty sleep!

  • Balearic Love Palette

If the name of this palette isn’t enough to make you fall in love with it, then the product inside surely will.

This palette comes with three colours, namely: ‘Atlas’ ‘Romal’ and ‘Marcella’. You can easily move from a natural day look, to a beautiful smokey evening look. Or, you could be like me and use Romal as an eye shadow as well as to colour my brows in. Atlas and Marcella are so much fun to use on their own or to mix together

  • Perfect Lips 

This double sided nude lip liner is designed to plump as well as define the lip. The beauty of makeup, is that you can create an illusion that you have the most perfect lips anyone has ever seen. So I took up this offer and decided that everyday I will have perfect lips if I use this product. This liner is perfect for when you are going to apply lipstick or lipgloss so that it doesnt leak around the rim of your lips. I use ‘Nougat’ from this range

After applying the lip liner, I apply ‘Ultimate colour gloss in shade – Fallen Angel’ which is the most beautiful nude lip colour, and is ultra- moisturizing too! (It also smells so good, you want to eat it)

  • Shimmer Souffle

The 4-in-one air whipped Souffle that adds a flush of colour to cheeks and lips. This includes a powder to add a pop of color, a stain to give staying power, an illuminating highlighter, and a cream to deliver a flawless finish.

To purchase the products please email me samantha@liferetreat.co.za so i can give you more information. 



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    The jewel dust sounds amazing


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    Patricia Holomb


    Do they make a blush that gives you a golden glow, please also give me the price


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