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If You Can Stick To A Diet, You Can Save Money

Stick To A Diet and save money

We all have our reasons for dieting – the most common being weight loss. But honestly, dieting can be difficult. And, the same can be said about saving money. We all know a bad diet and junk food can lead to unhealthy bodies. In the same way, failing to save, as well as bad spending habits can lead to unhealthy finances.

You see, as much as unhealthy food is delicious, it not good for your body. Similarly, it feels good to spend borrowed money. But, it sure doesn’t feel good paying it back especially when spent on unnecessary things. So, if you want to diet and save money successfully, then you need to follow these few simple rules.

Start with a goal 

You just can’t get up and go when you don’t know where you’re going. When it comes to saving and dieting, you can’t muddle along and cut corners, and expect not to fail. You need to know how much weight you need to lose. Similarly, it’s important to know what you’re saving for, otherwise, you’ll be withdrawing before the month ends. Having a predetermined goal is a great way to stay motivated.

When it comes to saving, many of us first draft a list of expenses, then identify specific areas we can cut back on or live without. However, a better and more satisfying approach is to decide how much you want to save per month, save it, and spend the rest.. Save this money toward a specific goal like paying off your car or going on a holiday WITHOUT using your credit cards.

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Write it down and stick to it

You can’t diet without writing down what you eat. This process helps you ensure you’re eating the right kind of food and not overeating. In the same way, when saving money, you should also write down what you spend to avoid over spending – budgeting. Draw up a list of your expenses and ensure they are below your income. As mentioned earlier, save before you budget. Budgeting helps you identify areas where you are spending unnecessarily. Unnecessary spending can be compared to ‘snacking’ in dieting.

It’s not a punishment – Make it a habit

When you do something regularly, it becomes second nature. It will be hard in the beginning but if you get in the habit of saving, you’ll eventually get used to it. And dieting is no different. Keep at it everyday and you’ll find yourself eating healthy even after your diet.

So, to make saving a habit, set debit order to ensure you don’t get tempted to skip the payment.  Within a few months you won’t even notice the monthly debit order going off your account… And, in no time you’ll have healthy savings account built up…


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