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Increase Your Libido Naturally With Yoga

Increase Your Libido Naturally With Yoga

In case you haven’t noticed, most people who practise yoga have a certain glow. It could be because of the long hours they spend on their mats, their vegan, gluten-free diets or their organic, all-natural skincare routines.

However, another interesting reason could be their amazing sex lives… You see, yoga can help drastically improve your sexual desire and performance as well as reverse weak sex drive. That’s right – the benefits of yoga go way beyond weight loss, enhanced brain function and improved lung capacity, they can benefit your sexual health too. 


How yoga boosts libido 

It helps relieve stress

Stress doesn’t only kill sexual desire, but can it also be alleviated by having sex. That’s where yoga comes in. It has a wildly impressive effect on your mind (and your body) and is considered the best solution for an ailing sex life.

It helps you process emotions

With yoga, you learn to let go of negative feelings, such as anger and jealousy and frustration. You also learn to invite emotions that serve you in a positive way. This then enables you to release negative emotions that you could be holding towards your partner helping you resolve disagreements quicker.  The result – an ignited romantic life.

It helps you tune in

It’s not easy to be present during sex. You could love what your partner is doing, but can also get caught up on little things like how you sound. As a result, you miss out on the deeper and more meaningful moments. Yoga can help you tune into your present moment, helping you bring your entire presence into every sexy situation.

It helps boost confidence

Yoga is great if you want to achieve a balance in life. It helps improve body image thereby, boosting self-confidence. Your sex drive can’t be revived without confidence between the sheets! So, grab a yoga mat and get practising or

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