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Innovative Self Tanning – The Tan Lab

Summer is here! And we need to get rid of this pale skin ASAP, without the harsh effects of the sun! So we have some amazing Tan Lab Products that are perfect for all skin types.

I love that these products are lotions. Often when you try a spray tan it tans your bathroom floor too! So this application is mess-free and streak-free. Its also very moisturizing if you accompany your tanning lotion with the hydrating lotion

Sun Tan Lotion

With its subtle exotic fragrance and endless moisture, this tanning lotion is easy to apply and glides over the skin effortlessly. With micro-algae extracts, rich in anti-oxidants your skin is protected from free radicals. It’s subtle exfoliating properties leave your smooth and nourished. A translucent hint of natural brown will ensure ease of application every time, without staining the hands and skin!

Hydration Lotion

Active tanning ingredients are known to dry the skin out, so ensure daily moisturising to maintain your tan to the fullest.
Let this luxurious lotion wrap your entire body in moisture. With light reflecting particles for luminous glow, your skin will look flawless.

With it’s subtle exotic fragrance, our Hydration Lotion is infused with micro-algae extracts, rich in anti-oxidants and leaves your skin protected, hydrated and silky smooth! Moisture in every drop!

How To Use The Tanning Lotion

Prepare for your home tan by shaving or waxing and exfoliating your body. There are various exfoliating methods but the one that works best are exfoliating gloves. Remember that a well prepared skin will ensure a longer lasting tan. The active ingredients in all our products do not penetrate further than the stratum corneum or dead skin cells and as your skin exfoliates itself, so your tan fades naturally.

Apply your tanning lotion (medium) to your body as you would apply a body lotion. Stop the tanning lotion application at your wrist and ankle area and use sparingly around knees and elbows. The active tanning ingredients will be absorbed quicker on drier areas of the body. The Tan Lab Hydrating lotion can be used to blend and slightly dilute the tanning lotion around the ankles. This will ensure a flawless home tanning application.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after you have applied you tanning lotion. Once you have washed your hands, pat dry. Apply a tiny amount of The Tan Lab Hydrating Lotion to one wrist and as you would rub a dot of perfume, rub your wrists together. This will ensure that the tanning ingredient in the product does not collect here once you have washed your hands.

The final step would be to apply a drop of your tanning lotion (medium) to the top of one of your hands. Rub the tops of your hands and fingers over each other until it is absorbed. To ensure an even tan on the tops of your hands, add a tiny drop of Hydrating Lotion when blending. It is advisable to wear loose clothing in the early stages of development.

As all our products work on a two phase development process, remember that your tan will continue to develop and darken over a 24 hour period.

How To Use The Hydration Lotion

Apply a light layer of Hydration Lotion to dry areas such as hands and feet prior to self tan application (or gradual tan). Only use the excess of your tanning product on these dry areas and blend with the Hydration Lotion to avoid the tell-tale signs of tanning. Also apply the lotion on tanned areas daily for a longer lasting tan and smooth skin.

Where Can I Purchase These Products From?

You can go to The Tan Lab Website www.thetanlab.co.za where you will be able to see Stockists as well as the prices

Email: info@thetanlab.co.za


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    this is a different kind of self tan that ive seen before…results?


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      Trish Taylor


      HI Celise. The results are brilliant. We highly recommend it.


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