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Is Your Bra Giving You Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer

Think you’ve heard it all about what may cause cancer? Get ready for a shock… An anthropologist published a book blaming breast cancer on the bras you wear.



Wearing a tight bra for too long can increase your risk of breast cancer

According to astonishing new research by Sydney Ross Singer and his wife Soma Grismaijer, women who wear bras more than 12 hours a day are 21 times more likely to develop breast cancer. And, women who wear a bra to bed are 125 times more likely to get breast cancer than women who don’t wear a bra at all.

Singer believes the tight bra smashes the lymph vessels that lie close to the breast surface. Lymph fluid normally flows through these vessels ad cleans toxins from the body. Bras, unfortunately, prevent this cleansing action. Furthermore, bras squeeze the large clusters of lymph odes in your armpits, which can produce the killer immune cells you need to fight toxins in your body. So what can you do?

Be a bra burner

Here’s what women who wear bras can do to reduce their risk of breast cancer, according to Singer.

  • 1. Never wear a bra to bed
  • 2. Wear a bra as little as possible
  • 3. Avoid wearing underwire, push-up or strapless bras (except of course on special occasions)
  • 4. Buy loose bras. A bra shouldn’t leave a red mark on your skin
  • 5. If your breast size changes during menstruation, buy different bra sizes so you can always be comfortable.
  • 6. Lastly, when you take your bra off, massage your breasts to get your lymph fluid flowing.

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