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Keep your Family Healthy This Winter

Towards the end of Autumn each year, I get out the humidifiers.  One goes in the tv room, and each of us have one in our bedrooms.  I put organic citronella oil into them.

The one humidifier in the tv room, we leave on 24/7, and the others only at night.  Then our kids get their favourite treat.  Every night I alternate, (that is if we are at home), and I massage each of their feet with a tea tree oil mixture (just a couple of drops of tea tree oil, mixed into olive oil.  They really love this, and it is a great time to bond with each one individually.  Tea tree is a natural antibiotic.

Next, I stock up on loads of Vit C, Olive leaf tablets, Vicks, and I have just discovered the new Immufend Solal range. This way I know that if any of us kids get sick, we can treat ourselves immediately.  My husband and I boost ourselves with all the vitamins, and really should give each other foot rubs, but I am afraid there is no time for this after a busy day.


I have found over the years that homeopathic remedies work wonders on colds and flus.  The tip is to start using them as soon as you feel any symptoms of illness coming on, not once you are mowed down.  And then follow the instructions to the T.  My most tried and tested flu remedy is Pentagon.  It works like a charm in aiding a speedy recovery every time.

Being a Herbalist myself, I swear by the healing powers of herbs.  For more info if you are interested, this article, is a really worthwhile read.  Every evening after dinner we make a big pot of herbal tea, and the whole family, indulges in it, with honey of course.  This is after I have my 2 glasses of wine for the evening, after all, all Mom’s needs wine.


Other things that really should go without saying are:

– We need to continue to exercise regularly, even in winter.  I have been feeling so lazy, and have decided that this winter I am going to stay warm and indoors, and do yoga.  I do it at home sometimes, surrounded by a whole lot of little bodies trying to join in.  But, I get a much better workout if I go to the gym.

– Every morning, I wish I could say instead of coffee, but I love my coffee.  I make a big flask of boiling water and put some sliced lemons into it.  And throughout the day, pour this into a mug, and mix it half half with purified water.  Drinking water at our body temperature is by far the healthiest way of drinking it.  Another tip I have is, instead of taking all my vitamins at once, I spread out taking them throughout the day, and this way, I drink more water.

– Diet is essential.  I am not mad about salads in winter to be honest, but I do love steamed veggies.  Our whole family love my vegetable soup, which we have a couple of times a week.  There is no recipe for this, and I pretty much throw in everything that I have, and somehow it always tastes delicious.  So try and stick to a well balanced diet with loads of fresh fruit and veggies.


I have started a column, called Savannah Says.  I beg of you, to please send me feedback, whether it is advice you want/ articles you would like to read/ complaints etc, and always be honest.  I am tough, I can take criticism, although  I really love compliments.  Oh, and, I insist that you shop on on our shopping site, by clicking on  We have clothes, cosmetics, gifts, accessories, food, vitamins, bamboo pillows, battery operated candles, and so much more.  If we don’t have what you are looking for, please let me know, so that we can try and source it for you.

Stay warm.  Stay healthy.  Stay content.  Sleep. Sleep. Sleep,  Which I am doing marvellously with my new bamboo pillow, which I purchased on Special

Savannah Says:  “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.” Irish Proverb


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    I agree with you on the exercising in winter thing..such hard work to keep up. We don’t have any gyms near where I live so I just bought a couple keep fit DVD’s (Jillian Michaels) and usually play one every night through July and August.


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