What Kidney Stones Really Feel Like

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be so small that you pass them through the urinary tract without any pain. However, when they grow in size, you experience the true agony of kidney stones as your body tries to expel them.

Some say the pain you feel when passing a kidney stone through the narrow tubes of your urinary system is similar to that of childbirth. The pain you experience when passing the stones comes from the blockage and not the stone itself. The stone doesn’t cause any of the pain you feel. This is because the kidney stone blocks the narrow tubes, which backs up all the fluid above it. Furthermore, the process of passing the stone leaves the tubes stretched and inflamed. However, experiences can differ. Therefore, let’s dig a little deeper into what you can expect to feel when you have a kidney stone.

Signs you’re passing a kidney stone

– Back pain, usually on the side above your bottom
– The pain varies in intensity and comes and goes
– The pain moves in waves from your back around your sides to your stomach and groin area
– Urine is cloudy, dark or smell very potent
– Urinating is very painful
– You could feel nauseous and vomit
-There’s an urgency to pee, but nothing comes out
– An infection causes fever

How to alleviate the pain 

While many natural remedies help with kidney stones, watermelon tea effectively soothing pain and helps fight inflammation. All you have to do is place two tablespoons of chopped watermelon seeds in a cup of boiling water. Leave them to steep for 15 minutes, then strain and drink the tea.

As a natural diuretic, the tea helps bring more water through your kidneys and flush the stone through faster. Therefore, as soon as you start to feel any of the symptoms mentioned above, make yourself a kidney stone flushing tea, so you get rid of that stone in no time.


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Fiona Manonn said : Guest one year ago

You have written quite an impressive and well-detailed article for the kidney patient. The points that have been mentioned here will surely help the kidney patient enhance their self confidence. A kidney stone is a condition that results due to excess building up of dissolved minerals in the inner lining of kidneys. These with time grow in size forming a crystalline structure. CBLM is one of the top listed multispecialty hospitals in Jaipur which offers world-class treatment and surgery for kidney stones in India

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