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Corona & Cannabis

A few months ago if I had written an article titled Corona & Cannabis, everyone would have assumed that I was writing about a party. But now, the Corona Virus has reached pandemic proportions, and it is a much more serious matter.


Designing Your Perfect Smile – With Ultilign

When it comes to a first impression, the very intial thing you see when you greet someone, are their eyes, followed by their teeth! A lot of people under-estimate the importance of having straight teeth. A perfect smile not only changes the way you look, but more importantly, the way you feel about yourself. 

What if someone told you that you can now design your perfect smile using nearly invisible, removable aligners? 


Lagom – The Art of Living A Balanced Life

The translation of the Swedish word lagom is ‘not too much nor too little’, or, in other words, ‘just right’. While it might sound like a concept everyone can understand, the fact is that we are all different and that, consequently, we all have different definitions of this term.

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