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The 5 Biggest Lessons I Have Learn’t As A Mom

After nearly sixteen years as a mom, it stands to reason that I would have picked up a few parenting tips along the way.  It would be bloody awful if I didn’t. It would either mean that I was untrainable, unobservant, ignorant, or all of the above. I would like to share some of these “Mom” lessons with you.

Christmas Stocking Ideas for Adults

b3646a1a38ed9da0b2cf8b668b379f5cCHRISTMAS STOCKING IDEAS

Every year, Father Christmas has given our children Christmas stockings, and this year will be no exception.
Greg, our youngest child is now 18, and I suggested that this year, we should maybe end this family tradition.  But, after a long discussion, we all agreed that Christmas would not be the same without stockings.

I have discussed this with many of my friends, and it seems that most of them still give their grown up children Christmas stockings.  It is such a wonderful tradition.  If you have any other Christmas traditions, ideas or tips, please post them for us.

What is Nia?

NIa intro_carlos_and_debbieWhat is Nia?
”Silence is the Music of Serenity.
As we turn off the sound
and move into silence, the dancing can begin.
We finally hear the music of our Soul, and it is this that
gives us peace.
And as we listen to the music of our Soul,
we mysteriously and wonderously
hear the music of everyone else’s as well…..

And we are at one with the World”

Love (Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish)

unconditionalLoveexpectsnorewardknowsnofeardoesnotdemandThisUniversalLanguagejustsharesloveandpeaceandcanbeunderstoodinthewholeuniverse (1)Love is our Universal Language.

When we hear the word “love”, we not only understand it, but we feel it.

We have a family tattoo:  (www.liferetreat.co.za/tattoos-18-interesting-facts),  with our family’s initials and each of our children have chosen a word to represent them.  Kerri-Lee (Live), Tyron (Embrace), Samantha (Love), Gregory (Cherish).  Every single day,  I count my blessings which are our 4 amazing children.

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