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Inspiring Change: Video

Inspiring change

Inspiring Change, Discover, Share.

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

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Human: Evolved To Eat Meat

Comparative-Anatomy-of-Eating-Chart-Dr_-Milton-R_-MillsOf course, most of the comments and skeptism towards anything that results in a change or shift will undoubtedly be met with resistance, excuses and reasons why not to change or shift – it’s the stubbornness, not of human nature, but of the ego present within each human.

Eat meat or not

Some Humans Are Meant To Eat Meat


Meat is good for some people to eat. It is common sense, to know that all buffalo eat the same diet, no one looks at one buffalo and says ‘ok, that buffalo eats meat and that Buffalo to its right eats grass and the other Buffalo, behind the meat eating buffalo, eats fruit’.

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