Life Retreat’s 2016 Round Up

If you’re looking forward to the end of the Year and are excited for 2017 then you need to read this. Many of us make New Year’s resolutions but only realize at the end of the year that these goals were not achieved or we just simply forgotten about them.

So what can you do differently this year so that 2017 will be your best year ever? Here are 5 strategies you can implement:

1) Be authentic, be true to your values. Your values derive from and are determined by your conscious and unconscious voids, by what you perceive as most missing in your life. What are your values? Remember that success is not what you do, it is what you become.

2) Do what you do best and get other people do to what they are best at. Therefore you need to know what your strengths are and surround yourself with people that support you with strengths you don’t necessarily have.

3) Commit to continuous learning.

4) You must believe and have 100% conviction that you will achieve what you set your mind to

5) You must take persistent action, know what you want, notice the outcome and change your approach if required. One of our biggest challenges is procrastination, so learn to  overcome this.

Here’s a 2016 round up of some of the happenings here at Life Retreat. May your 2017 be fruitful and prosperous!

—–Life Retreat’s Online Store—–

Thanks to all of you for your support. The online store has grown and the range suit all your needs. Below are some of the products introduced in 2016 with the Giant Swan being our biggest seller.

—–Life Retreat’s blog—–

We hope you enjoyed the new, exciting and innovative content we brought to you. This ranged from luxury, lifestyle to fashion. Also, travel, fitness, food, design and all the latest trends. Below are a few highlights:

—–Life Retreat’s giveaways—–

The true art of gifting, lies in giving, not receiving. This is what we at Life Retreat strongly believe. So, if you didn’t win this year, we still have a few giveaways open. You could be the next winner:

Yoga in the outdoors. What a wonderful learning curve it has been for all of us, who were used to the comforts of a studio space. We launched the LELC Yoga Studio in Somerset West this year . With other projects, this will form a Healing Hub that will launch in 2017. Hope to see you there.

Happy New Year!
The Life Retreat Team

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