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Life Retreat’s Friday Weekly Round Up

Good health

Good health starts with the colon.  In fact, a clean body fed on a natural diet provides what your body needs to get into super health! However, most of us have been following bad health habits which in the long run affects our health.

Yes, your body was designed to heal itself. But you have to give it  the support it needs. That’s why we would love you to join us for our 10 Day Detox Program. For more info, email: studio@liferetreat.co.za or call: 087 1950629.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed this week here at Life Retreat. Have a great weekend!



Recipe Of The Week – Penne al Pomodoro Fresco

Penne al Pomodoro Fresco

Enjoy a delicious penne al pomodoro fresco with our all natural recipe. This recipe uses Penne but you can use any other pasta. This is a quick light dish, rather than a dish in a heavy sauce. Click here to get your recipe.

—————Best Of 2017————–

 The Best Of 2017 – Weight Loss

Weight loss

Do this, not that! Eat this, not that! It does get exhausting, doesn’t it? Well, before you completely brush off do’s and don’ts, here are a few weight loss articles that we’d like you to read from 2017, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Click here to read on.

—————Money Matters————–

 Happy New Year! Here’s To Making 2018 Profitable

Profitable New Year

Make 2018 profitable? Yes! You see, most resolutions include losing weight, changing lifestyle and saving. These are all fantastic. However, let’s be honest. In the next two months, they’ll probably be forgotten. Therefore, if your aim is to get financial freedom this year, you need to make resolutions that will be profitable. Resolutions that can change your financial situation in the long run are easier to keep. So, here are my top three tips to help you make 2018 a profitable year.

—————Luxury Retreats————–

 An Enchanted Getaway to Planet X

So i posed the questions of whether i should share some beautiful discoveries along my journey, and for those of you whom follow me on Instagram, said yes. This may be a spot more familiar to the Cape Town market, but i can assure you, that if you are not from CT or South Africa, it is worth travelling to for the experience. After a challenging year of so much change, activity, hustle and bustle, I thought the best way to indulge in my holiday experience was to find a place as far out from the city craziness as I could, and on my search, I managed to find a whole new planet of its own… An Enchanted Getaway…

—————Most read article————–

Eating Healthy On A Budget In Janu-Worry

eat Healthy

You probably had an awesome holiday. You rested, ate way too much but enjoyed the break. Now, you’re back to reality and trying to eat healthy but the pocket is not looking that great. If you’ve got kids, you’re probably preparing for school, not forgetting the eating healthy resolutions you have to implement. All this is enough to make every memory of last month vanish into thin air, leaving you with as much stress as you had just before you took leave last year. Click here to read on.

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———————See you at the same time next week!——————-

The Life Retreat Team


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