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Life Retreat’s Friday Weekly Round Up

own business

If you dream of starting your own business and have a business idea and the drive, then you’re half way there. Starting up a new and successful business won’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of hard work, money and dedication to get you there.

You just need to know exactly what you’re aiming to achieve. You also need to have a thorough understanding of your new business. Try not to scrimp on technology and don’t be afraid to ask for help. As long as you don’t lose the big picture of your business’ potential and where you want to go with it, you WILL be successful.

Here’s a wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat this week. Have a great weekend!

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WIN R5000 Worth Of Thomas Sabo Jewellery

Thomas Thabo

Reinvent yourself every day with the ideal accessory for every outfit and for every occasion. Stand a chance to win R5000 worth of Thomas Sabo jewellery from the new Glam & Soul Collection. Click here for giveaway details.

———– Articles———–

Why Spending Money On Experiences, NOT Things Will Make You Happier

Spending money

Are you the type of person that saves for a big TV, or do save for a holiday instead? When you get a salary increase, do you think about spending that raise on a car upgrade or do you want to join a dance class? At first, these new things are exciting, but then you adapt to having them in your life that they eventually aren’t so exciting. What once seemed novel and exciting quickly becomes the norm. Click here to read on.

———– Art———–

Why You Should Invest In Art


When buying art, most people think about what will look great with their curtains and couch. However, it shouldn’t just be about that. You need to also consider how valuable it will be in the future. Valuable art survives economic downturns because its value never goes below zero. This is unless it’s damaged . In fact, art prices bounce-back much quicker after crashes than most equities. Click here to find out what factors you should consider before you invest in art.

———– Product Reviews———–

Getting Natural With Back2Nature

The two most damaging factors to our skin is the sun and chemicals. With that being said , I am constantly trying products that assist in reducing the damage and rather enhance the cell regeneration process. Being a surfer girl requires me to expose my skin to endless amount of time in the sun, therefore, I have noticed, over the years, that my PH balance is inconsistent and my blemish or freckles are getting increasingly worse. Click here to read on.

———– Recipes———–

Recipe Of The Week: Wazoogles Smoothie AND Smoothie Tricks And Tips

Wazoogles smoothie

Being a French culinary chef is one thing, but stick a master chef in a kitchen with only fruit, superfoods, leaves, nuts and seeds and he’ll feel so far from home, you’d think he’d been abandoned on an island alone with a volleyball called Wilson and a coconut tree. Get your recipe here.

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———————See you at the same time next week!——————-

The Life Retreat Team


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