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What Can We Achieve With Just A Little Bit Of Help?

I always wonder what makes a business successful… How do business owners keep their employees motivated and their clients happy? And then I came across an FNB advert that stipulated ‘a little help goes a long way’… 

Which is when I realized that this is why they strive in the industry. 

FNB believes you should help people help themselves. Help people find the great in themselves, the passion, the drive. Help unleash their true power! We can help them find their true potential, help them discover their true desires, help release their magic inside, help them stretch and help them grow.

Help is the most powerful force known to man!

Why Should You Help Others? 

Showing compassion towards others may change their entire life. In fact, helping others might just change your entire life too! It gives you a sense of joy that you can’t experience through anything else. Can you imagine what we can achieve in this world if everyone was just a little kinder to each other? 

Remember that saying we were taught as young children “What goes around comes around?” This is a very powerful and profound set of words… The more you give, the more you will receive.

You are setting an example for the people around you. Can you imagine what we can achieve in this world if everyone was just a little kinder to each other? 

How Has The FNB Digital App Helped Me?

Since I changed over to FNB and downloaded the digital app to my devices, I have been able to achieve so much more in my day. Below are some of my favourite features on the app: 

1. I don’t need to get in my car and go to the bank.

Not only does this save me petrol, but it saves time and energy. The app can be downloaded to any device through your app store or used directly online. 


2. I am able to switch between my business and personal accounts with just using my fingerprint.


3. I can now purchase gift vouchers directly from the app as a gift for someone, especially those friends and family who live in different cities.


4. I don’t have to worry about being at the office all day in case I need to make payments, because with FNB’s no data costs I am able to go anywhere without wasting my data or having to find a wifi connection.

This has given me more freedom to be out and about without worrying about accounts.


5. I never have to sit at the licensing department again in the scorching heat or freezing cold, because I am now able to apply for my new license directly from the app.


6. Not to mention all the exciting things I can purchase using my eBucks that I have saved over time. There is nothing like seeing your eBucks rewards come to life. It’s like a gift to me, from me.


Watch This FNB Video

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