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Long Distance Relationship? Here’s How To Celebrate Valentines

Just because you won’t be in the same place on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you don’t have to enjoy it together. Yes, you can spend this special day together when you’re not, well, together. So, if you’re one of those couples who won’t be able to spend Valentine’s Day face-to-face, then here are a few things you can try to make your Valentines day special.

Four romantic ways to celebrate valentines

1. A Special Striptease

Yes! A sexy striptease! Of course men love it. And I can promise you one thing – she’ll alsolove it. The most original gift you can give your partner. Whether by webcam or phone, a long distance strip game is great to feel like you’re getting naughty right next to each other.

2. Send a gift

For her, you can order a bouquet of flowers and her favorite chocolates and surprise her on Valentine’s Day with this little gift from you. The idea here is to show that you care more than anything else. For him, you can order a web camera or a pair of headphones with microphone. Also, you can try ordering your lovers favorite meal from a take-out place they really like. Or you can get some Valentine-themed baked goods from a local bakery, or even order them a pizza decorated in the shape of a heart.

3. The I LOVE YOU call

You won’t have breakfast in bed with your partner, but they can still wake up to the sound of your voice or see your smiling face on the morning of February 14th. All you have to do is call with a hotel-worthy wake-up call. Hearing the words “I love you” as soon as you wake up can beat any other romantic gesture. I know for a fact that this call can make me feel more loved and special, and it can set a happy, ‘feel good’ tone for the whole day.

4. Plan a date.

Find creative ways to have a “date” this day. Order a nice meal from your favourite eatery, get dressed in your best and spend some romantic time together. When you are connected by say Skype read to each other from your favorite love poetry or share your dreams for the future. Also, you can even reminisce about past Valentines Days that you spent together. Try as much as possible to avoid any conversations that can sadden the mood. The mere fact that you can see each other in real time, will definitely go a long way in making you feel connected on this special day.


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    Melissa Javan


    Very cute ideas – I don’t know about the striptease virtually, lol.
    I was in a long distance relationship. For me, Valentine’s Day is not big deal, just spending a day together and keeping in contact the whole day, matters a lot. It keeps the flame alive, to text during the day or just that “morning” and “good night” daily.


    • Avatar



      Communication is always key. Keeping in touch throughout the day definitely keeps the flame alive. In fact, you find yourselves spending more time together than those that aren’t in long distance relationships. Thanks for sharing Melissa.


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