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May, Moms & Angels

May moms and angels

We are dedicating May to all moms – our nurturers, healers, holders, moulders, makers, and carers. What would the world be without a MOM to hold it when it needs a hug?

We are also offering an amazing Winter Warmer Membership special – check it out below. And, we are also offering you some free links, articles, and videos to bring the healing energy of the sun into your day using Kundalini Yoga

**We have one month before this year’s Yoga Teacher Training with Ryan begins – and now you can also attend specific modules and talks**



Purchase 3 full months of studio membership for only
(offer valid until 31 May)


Friday, 4 May
Click HERE for more info


Sunday, 13 May
8:30 (or 9:00) until 11:30
R350 for you and Mom
Click HERE for more info


Healing with Trish & Ryan – Make a Crystal Angel Charm, & learn how to write an Angel Prayer Petitition
Sunday, 27 May
10:30 – 13:30
Click HERE for more info


Learn to chant the ancient angelic names for healing
Tuesday, 29 May
19:30 – 20:30
Click HERE for more info


20 May
27 May
9:00 – 12:00, R150
*Receive a free bottle of Lourensford wine*
Click HERE for more info


Kundalini Yoga for the Change of Seasons

The leaves are changing… so is your body – stay aligned to your natural cycles… and the rythmns of the earth

All of our modalities at Life Retreat Studio will keep you in alignment with your body! This week we will look at how Kundalini Yoga can benefit you…

The end of summer always feels like a big transition time for me. Vacations wind down; school starts back up; the days get shorter; and after a long hot summer, I’m always surprised to feel a chill in the air. The arrival of autumn is celebrated in many ways: Freedom Day, Worker’s Day, Mother’s Day… and often, with increased obligations and responsibilities as our daily routines shift into a new mode. Sometimes our yoga & movement practices fall by the wayside.

As seasons change and days get colder and shorter, our sleep cycles and appetites change as well. For many of us, our moods fluctuate too, and we risk getting colds and flu. Life often becomes more challenging during these transitions. Times such as the change of seasons present a good opportunity for us to reaffirm our commitment to keeping up with our yoga & movement practices.

If you haven’t been to a class lately, make a point of signing up for one (or more!) – or take full advantage of our 3 month winter warmer special. If you don’t have a consistent home yoga practice, resolve to start now, as you begin to adjust to your new schedule.

Even just 15 minutes a day will make a difference

One of my top choices during times of transition is the Sodarshan Chakra Kriya. Yogi Bhajan says, regarding Sodarshan Chakra Kriya: “Of all the 20 types of yoga, including Kundalini Yoga, this is the highest Kriya. This meditation cuts through all darkness. It will give you a new start. It cuts through all barriers of accumulated neuroses. This kriya invokes the Kundalini to give you the necessary vitality and intuition to combat the negative pressure of the subconscious mind.”

I find seasonal changes to be a good time for me to clean out whatever I don’t need, both materially, like clothes, or bad habits, like negativity. I also like to take time to reaffirm who I am in this lifetime, and re-commit to living a life of truth. My favorite mantra to bring me to this place is Wahe Guru Wahe Jio, and there is a simple but powerful meditation that our beloved Desert Rose has released on their album AQUARIAN SADHANA (available downstairs at Lifestyle Shop), which is a beautiful way to bring us back to our true selves.

For more information, be sure to visit our website…
Follow LIFE RETREAT STUDIO on facebook

And be sure to visit our stunning classes at Lourensford Wine Estate in the Cape Winelands this May

This year Life Retreat Studio brings you our annual ISHTA Yoga Immersion / Teacher Training in a way that is suited to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga…

… as well as for those who wish to qualify as an internationally certified yoga teacher.


Friday 1 June: Introduction & Welcome + Opening Ritual
Weekend 1 (2-3 June): Yoga Philosophy – history, origins, ancient texts, the eight limbs
Second weekend  (9-10 June): Meditation & the Mind – Pranayama 101
Weekend 3 (16-17 June) Ayurveda & Yogic Lifestyle

July 6: Introduction & Welcome + Opening Ritual
Weekend 1: (7-8 July) Energetic Anatomy as taught within the ISHTA system (including the chakras, mantras, sound, color) – Pranayama 102
Weekend 2: (14-15 July) Anatomy, Asana & Alignment
Weekend 3: (21-22 July) Physiology & Asana (physical & energetic)

7-14 September (Retreat)
18 September (Optional ‘check-in’ session)



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