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Medical Intuitive Assessments

Much haMedical Intuitive Assessmentss been written in recent times about medical intuition and medical intuitive assessments…what is it and what can it do for you?

Increasing volumes of research in the last 50 years in the field of quantum physics has now given credibility to some of the long held ancient traditions around the world which for generations have maintained that the body is essentially an energy field and that it is “consciousness” that dictates the structure, health and vitality of this field.

 The study of “medical intuitive” diagnosis and assessment has been a part of this research, some of which was spearheaded by Dr Norman Shealy, a neurosurgeon who for many years studied and documented the work of a variety of so called medical intuitives, most famous of which was Carolyn Myss.

It is an individual’s capacity to “tune” into the energy field of another and to identify a variety of information held in the field…from the flow of the life force, the state of the various energy centres, to the emotional and mental state as well as the physical health of the individual.

This information is often extremely accurate and can be of great assistance in aiding both individuals and practitioners to identify health and emotional problems as well as their underlying causes.

Medical Intuitive Assessments

South Africa has their own medical intuitive practitioner as well.

What information can you expect from a session?

Physical information- pathogens, toxins, diseases, organ congestion, causes of symptoms etc

Aura information- the state of the chakras, the flow of life force energy into and through the body.

Emotional information…what the emotional challenges in your life may be that may be impacting on the state of your overall vitality/health.

Cognitive information. what belief systems may be in place creating stuckness and dis-ease.

Spiritual information- relating to the presence of any outside interference.

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    Much haMedical Intuitive Assessmentss been written in recent times about medical intuition and medical intuitive assessments…what is it and what can it do for you?


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