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Why Meditation Is Good For The Mind, Body And Soul


Let’s face it: In these modern times of technology overloads, it’s so important to find new ways to achieve relaxation and quiet the mind. Since the mind, body and soul are inextricably connected, meditation can give you peace.

If you haven’t tried meditation, you’re probably under the impression that you close your eyes and suddenly relieved of stress, but then nothing happens. If this is you, then this little guidance could help you reap the benefits of meditation .



The importance of meditation

Meditation can help you:

Relax your body
Put your body into a healing state
Lower blood pressure
Reduce stress and tension
Access levels of happiness
Heighten your overall sense of contentment
Improve your quality of sleep

How to meditate

The best time to meditate is in the morning for 20 minutes. Also, again in the early evening just before dinner for another 20 minutes. A lunchtime meditation session is also a bonus!

Firstly, set an alarm for 20 minutes earlier in the morning. Yes, you can do it! Get out of bed, brush your teeth and have your coffee. Then sit down where you prefer. It can be your couch, bed or on the floor. Ensure you sit comfortably. Furthermore, make sure you sit in an upright position with your eyes closed. Also, it’s important you don’t get distracted by how you’re sitting. This is so you can simply breathe and let your body enter a relaxed state.

Yoga / Meditation Mat

Set your timer for 20 minutes. Close your eyes, and let the show begin! Initially. it’ll feel as if you’re being bombarded… But don’t stress. This is just your internal clearing that’s going on. Thought after thought will likely parade in your awareness.  But it will pass. Notice how your breathing can at least help you turn your attention inward rather than outward!

Watch, and keep turning your attention back to your breathing again and again. It could take a few minutes, but the thought parade will slow down, and you may even notice some space, or even a pause from one thought to the next.

As a beginner, try to meditate daily for one week and see how it goes. Any meditation is better than none!

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