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Meet The Team

Our dynamic team consists of writers, creatives, marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, healers, teachers and wellbeing proffessionals. This ultimately ties into our blog with our focus on Lifestyle topics ranging from Luxury Lifestyle, to Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition, Fashion, Business, Travel, Food and anything New and Exciting!


Let’s Get Social, Meet The Team.


Director Of Life Retreat, Lifestyle Shop & Life Retreat Studio

I am passionate about Health, Healing, Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and Writing. I studied Bachelor of Social Science at UCT, Majored in Psychology. Furthermore, I am a qualified herbalist and I studied Ayurveda. In addition, I am involved in various charities and fundraisers and I am also a published Author.


Director Of Life Retreat, Lifestyle Shop & Life Retreat Studio

I’m passionate about health, beauty, fashion, fitness, and entrepreneurship. I studied B-Com Marketing and Business Management and completed a Life Coaching Course. And, I have experience in the Investment Art Industry. While I strive to grow each and every day, I also want to help my businesses do the same. 


Director of Life Retreat Retreats and Digital Marketing

I am passionate about Health, Healing, Yoga, Extreme Sports, Retreats, Vegetarianism and Writing. I am qualified as an Interior Decorator and a Yoga Instructor. In addition, I’m a Digital Marketing and Account Manager.


Management Of Life Retreat Website And Creative Writing


I am passionate about farming, writing, content management and health. And, I love a great pair of shoes! I have a  B-Com in Quantitative Analysis and have experience in Futures Trading. Furthermore, I ‘m a data analysis student. Because we all have something to bring to the table, we are able meet our company’s creative and marketing needs.


Admin & Events For Life Retreat Studio

I am a lover of fitness, beauty and fashion as well as a perfectionist of note. I have been involved with admin for 10 years and enjoy organizing events and working behind the scenes. After school I studied Public Relations & Event management after school and then went on to do a course in Advanced Beauty & Special Effects Makeup. In my spare time, I love trail running, reading, watching a good movie and exploring different Markets in and around Cape Town with my family. I believe life needs to be a balance between working hard, keeping your body and mind healthy and spending quality time with the people who mean the most in your life. If you find this balance you will be eternally happy.


Space Maintenance

I am passionate about cooking, cleaning and also learning new things. In addition, I am a mother of a teenage boy. Here at Life Retreat, I make sure that all of the businesses are maintained and kept up to standard. 


Life Retreat Lifestyle Shop Manageress

Am passionate about marketing, motivational speaking, writing songs and also singing. I completed my high school in 2001 and worked at a guesthouse for 5 years. Furthermore, I have a self-driven passion that helps me grow in every aspect. 

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