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Mommyhood In Bytesize


Hi I’m Sasha, previously a go-getter entrepreneur, fashion designer, businesswoman who loved travel, yoga, looking good, outdoor sport (yes I put looking good between yoga and outdoor sport for a reason), experiencing culinary genius and a healthy taste of adventure.

But now I’m a mommy!

Which means………. I’m actually still all those things above and
I get to add a beautiful baby girl into the mix.

Myself (Sasha) and My Beautiful Baby Girl Leora

Myself (Sasha) and my Baby Girl Leora

Though I can say, it is true that one does change after having a baby but its not complete metamorphosis. I haven’t found myself in sweatpants, eating cheap ice cream, wanting to change my life completely and move to a rural area.

Instead I’m still me, just more compassionate, understanding, giving, few more kilo and very tired. You will learn all about that as we go along.

Four months ago I had the great honour of becoming a mother, and the path to this point has been both phenomenal and daunting and of course so so rewarding.

After discovering that I was pregnant, I decided to tackle it like I would a new business project. I went ahead and bought what seemed like mountains of books, found endless articles or downloads including anything I can find on facebook.
In reality though I maybe read three pages of one of the books, did not even bother to read most of the long articles or downloaded brochure and took very little time, which equaled all of non, to map out my exact pregnancy journal.

But what I did consume, in substantial amounts was endless little tidbits that was palatable bite size and easy enough to devour in less than 15 minutes.


If you’re pregnant or have a baby you will know why I took to doing that. The answer is simple, I simply did not have the concentration, time or ability to be able to digest much more, unless of course you’re a unicorn, then you’re the exception 😉

So the combination of these wonderful short reads, unsolicited good and bad advise and in my special case; friends who were recent predecessors of pregnancy and giving birth, played a very important role in how I prepared for it all.

So much so I’d like to help all those mothers and mothers to be out there a little from my experiences. My blog will be simple little brain farts in easy digestible byte size bits on what ‘s worth doing, getting, what to ditch, what to enjoy and hopefully where you can save some money, trouble and time in the process.


These ‘mommyhood bytes’ will be in small chunks to help you through your 9 months, which is technically 10 months (9 full months which for some reason no one quite tells you till you in it)  and beyond into motherhood.

Now I’m no obstetrician, specialist or alike. I’m merely a mommy that will give you the fluffy extras over and above the other stuff you have to do. So please don’t take me as a bible or stop a check-up because of something I say. Think of me as the nice fluffly stuff to help you navigate the billions of dollar industry that is pregnancy, motherhood and babydom.

Right now with that all said, this is where I start with my first bytesize

You find out you pregnant now what….

Creamy White baby nursery with romantic shabby chic decor:

I told you where I started, earlier in my introduction, and this is where I will save you a lot of time, and money, which I wasted.

It’s the modern age, take the modern approach and don’t go buying endless books and register for endless prenatal classes. Everything you need to know is online and because so many women go through this every day it’s actually really well organized and ready for you.

First step is to get you registered on one of the weekly pregnancy guided apps or websites.

They great because they issue weekly tidbits, in fantastic portions on the growth of your baby and what exactly may be going through at that exact point. I found it surprising how amazingly spot on it always was for me. Who knew pregnancy wasn’t rocket science…

And if you do ending up buying a book on what to expect, whatever you do please don’t run ahead of yourself and try and read the whole book in one sitting, if you are at all like me you will feel overwhelmed and end up in tears trying to figure out how you will handle it all.

I also found little use for those antenatal classes. Even though I did go to the classes there was little I learnt in them and often found the classes more about marketing products and services to me than teaching me anything new that the apps had not already given me. All the videos they played were also so old I felt like I should have been wearing shoulder pads and a mullet to understand them. So save yourself the worry.

Below is a list of some sites that I used (I am not associated to any of these site, just references to help you). Hopefully these will help but if anything allows you to know that you’re not alone when something new happens.


Here are some websites you can go to and register:

Wall ideas for nursery. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE! My nursery will be in Humphrey's Corner... which is the Europe version of Babar.:

Baby Centre

The Bump

Mediclinic baby app


What To Expect

My closing little hint: if you not wanting to miss anything join two. That way you can cross reference the information.

Tell next time…

Mommyhood in Bytesize


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