Recommended Yoga Classes in Somerset West

Life Retreat Studio Somerset West

Life Retreat Studios Recommended Yoga Classes in Somerset West

Sign up for these yoga classes in Somerset West, Strand, or the Gordon’s Bay area. They are recommended if you need an hour to re-align your body and mind. You are welcome to sign up for them at the Life Retreat Studio in Somerset West.

The studio is uniquely located on the beautiful Laurensford Wine Estate in the heart of the Winelands. And is open to both locals and visitors. Furthermore, the studio is fantastic, with a variety of classes and friendly professional instructors.

In addition to that, classes start as early as 6 AM during the week and run into the evenings. 

Suitable for Beginner and Intermediate Students of all ages and stages.

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Improve strength and flexibility, clarity of mind, and also gain a more profound spiritual practice. ISHTA yoga will provide you with the tools needed to bring inspiration into every moment of your being.

Barre Yoga

Try Barre yoga for a fusion of ballet-inspired toning movements, Pilates and total body conditioning. In essence, Barre is designed to work your entire body and sculpt longer, leaner muscles. At the same time, I was having a ton of fun with great music.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga requires holding simple, sustainable postures for 1-3 minutes in stillness. As a result, the peace of the body will begin to still the choppy waters of the mind. And leave you feeling calm, quiet, and peaceful.

Yoga Sculpt

This type of yoga has a strong focus on strength and intensity. It combines cardio and weights, making it, unlike your typical yoga class. And more like a workout class. It also has a mental and emotional focus too.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Fast-paced and more intense, Vinyasa is a style of yoga perfect for getting a workout. It’s also suitable for building strength and stamina. As well as improving your body-breath-balance.

Power Yoga Vinyasa

You are designed to give you the extra push you need for a strong personal yoga practice. And give you the tone that you want for maximum muscle health. 

Restorative Yoga

They are used as a very slow-paced form of yoga. As a result, it is suitable for achieving complete relaxation and calming of the mind. Along with the use of props, you stretch profoundly and move towards a peaceful mind.

BoxFit Outdoors

This refreshing outdoor energizer is based on the training styles used for boxing. It includes footwork, abdominal workouts, warm-ups and cooldowns. In short, the focus is on fitness, toning and taking back your power.

Kundalini Yoga

Connect to your personal spiritual beliefs through the Kundalini Yoga system. And transform yourself through a healing framework that makes use of chanting, movement and breathing techniques.

Nia Dance

Get a workout with 52 simple moves combined with dance arts, martial arts and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes. 

Outdoor Yoga

Get close to and be inspired by nature every Sunday morning for a 60-minute outdoor yoga session. And breathe in the fresh air of the gorgeous Lourensford Wine Estate. 

Click here for a complete class schedule and an easy way to sign up.

Life Retreat Studio Offers an Internationally Recognized ISHTA 200 Yoga Teacher Training Course

Click Here for a Free Preview of our YTTC

We have a Special Offer for you to save R700 if you sign up for Modules 1 & 2 now.

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           Offering you a Special payment plan of R825.00 a month for eight months for modules 1 &   2
           Please email us to set up payment plan
Life Retreat Studio Lourensford Estate

Life Retreat Studio Lourensford Estate

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6 Comments on Recommended Yoga Classes in Somerset West

Trish said : administrator 5 months ago

For more info on our ISTHA Yoga Teacher Training Course – Please email

Trish said : administrator 8 months ago

Life Retreat Studio Offers an Internationally Recognised ISHTA 200 Yoga Teacher Training Course Click Here for a Free Preview of our YTTC

trish said : administrator 8 months ago

I hope you are doing well and we are so looking forwards to you joining us All the links are below Please click here to sign up for our Spring Special for only R990 for 3 months of unlimited Membership Classes 7 days a week There is no need to book for class, but please always arrive a little early to check-in or settle in Please note that your Life Retreat Membership Class includes all our Classes on the Schedule, and does not include External Teachers classes as these are run completely separately Our Studio is kept sanitised and spotless and we do encourage you if possible to bring your own mats Click Here To View Our Life Retreat Full Schedule (In-Studio & Online) Click Discovery Vitality to read more on the Benefits. Please click on the link for a FREE preview of our ISHTA Yoga Teachers Training Course If by any chance you don't have a mat we do have mats in the studio that you are welcome to borrow Or Click to purchase online Eco Yoga Mats from R249 Yoga Blocks @ R99 Yoga Straps @ R130 Warm Regards Trish (Herbal/ CBD Wellness Coach} Tel: 087 135 5542

trish said : administrator 8 months ago

Dear Sam Thanks so much for your message Amazing - we would love you to join us for Yoga Classes at our beautiful Life Retreat Studio I will email you some info on the Yoga Teacher Training Course It is Internationally recognised and absolutely life-changing Have a wonderful day Trish said : Guest 8 months ago

Hi, am looking to join your yoga classes to experience the different classes. In addition do you also do yoga teacher training as I am interested in becoming a certified teacher and would like to find out more. Thanks Sam

Trish said : administrator 8 months ago

Life Retreat Studio @ Lourensford Estate Summer Membership Special  Click Here to join now for only R330 a month for Yoga Classes 7 days a week

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