How To Restore Brittle Nails During Menopause

Brittle Nails

If you’re painting your nails every shade of summer colour, you’re probably also spending a lot of time in water. Could this be the reason your nails are brittle? Well, not exactly.

As much as both these activities can cause your nails to become brittle than normal, it could be the first sign you’re going through the dreaded change – menopause. If you’re over 40 and your nails chip, split or break easily  – don’t ignore it. Menopause is around the corner.



However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to pride yourself on your beautifully, long talons. There are a few things you can do to get your nails back in tip top shape. But, before I share them with you, lets first find out why your nails get weak during menopause.

The link between brittle nails and menopause

Hormones are the culprits behind menopause symptoms including vaginal dryness, hot flushes and skin problems. What you may not know about oestrogen is that it’s responsible for your body’s ability to regulate and retain water. When your body contains higher levels of oestrogen, your overall body water levels are higher as well. And, when your oestrogen levels are lower, this can lead to dehydration leading to dry, cracked, brittle nails. Here are four solutions that can stop menopause from ruining your lovely nails.

1. Go nuts!

Essential fatty acids are important for strengthening your nails. So, try to eat as few as six almonds a day. Avocados are also a great source of essential fatty acids.

2. Use this salad dressing

White vinegar works wonders on dull or yellow nails. So, rub some to revive them. To make a deep conditioner, dissolve a capsule of vitamin E into half of a cup of olive oil and heat the mixture. Let it cool and massage it onto your nails and hands. You can also use this dressing after washing hands and during the dry winter months. Make sure to pay special attention to the nails and cuticles.

3. Take a multivitamin

The best way to keep your nails strong and healthy is to take a multivitamin or supplement that’s loaded with Vitamin C & D, Biotin and folic acid as well as calcium and magnesium. 

Menopause symptoms such as brittle nails don’t have to change your life. Use these simple solutions and get yours back to full strength in no time. And, remember to drink enough water to prevent dehydration.


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