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Meet The Host


Kerri- Lee has a background of gymnastics and karate, where her passion for exploring movement lead her to yoga. 

After practicing for 10 years, she deepened her studies and completed her first 200YTT through Yoga Life , explored tools of meditation through thorough retreats in Vipassana, which she has attended twice, and more recently completed an intensive 200YTT through renowned yogi: Jim Harrington. 

Five years of teaching has allowed her technique to evolve and become more fluid according to each individuals needs. “People often feel threatened by yoga as they are not ‘flexible’, however there is no need to be flexible in order to achieve a rewarding yoga session, there is a need of consistent practice, self compassion and discipline, in order to move information throughout the body with fluidity. Each individuals practice will have a different intention and objective. I work with that, taking note on how the spine and joints move harmoniously”, says Kerri-Lee. 

Yoga is a lifestyle, a conscious way of observing yourself inward, in order to portray your perspective outward. It is a combination of diet, thoughts and movement, and this is exactly what Kerri interpenetrates into her Retreats. After years of studying nutrition and exploring traditional and spiritual ceremonies, she has fine tuned her retreat programs to deliver a beautiful combination o exactly that.

Her 5 elements of focus include: 

1. Nutrition 

Each retreat has a steady focus on freshly sourced organic cuisine. Through detoxing and flushing toxins, to reintroducing healthy bacteria into the gut and then maintaining the body with an alkalized diet, will ensure each individual leaves feeling energized, light and healthy. 

2. Skin 

With skin being the largest organ of the human body, Kerri feels it is imperative for us to learn more about the importance of damage control and prevention, as well as skin cell renewal and how to slow down the aging process, through cell food. Aromatherapy oils, massage and skin ceremonies will ensure that you leave any retreat with a golden glow. 

3. Movement 

Yoga is the core of what Kerri-lee’s retreats revolve around. Introducing routine into your practice and providing you with tools, will enhance your yoga journey thereon. Her teachings apply to all levels of yoga students, and she prefers to incorporate light practice , with strong fundamental movements, into the session. 

4. Meditation

Our busy lives, and over stimulated cell phone screens, have left little to no time for mental well being. Kerri believes that meditation is the most underestimated technique of all. Through group ceremonies in guided practices, Kerri incorporates fun ways to develop techniques that still the mid, balance the chakras , and cleanse your thoughts. 

5. Leisure

Adventure, travel, nature, pristine beauty and tranquility is everything Kerri-lee strives to find on her journey. She believes that finding a beautiful place for her guests leisure, will enhance the whole experience, allowing individuals to really indulge in themselves and their surroundings. She wants to build a tribe to accommodate her on the excursions of all the worlds splendor, and through her retreats you will be sure to find a piece of magnificence. 

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