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Savannah Says: Welcome

Savannah says:  Welcome welcome welcome.  I have recently been welcomed on board with Life Retreat, and, I will be blogging on a regular basis. Our blog/ shopping website, is aimed to inspire you to live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.  I, personally know that this is not always easy.  But, I try to do my best.  One of my favourite sayings is that “my path to Heaven, is paved with good intentions.”

I am a happily married a Mom of 5 amazing children.  You can imagine that at this time of theyear, panic sets in if anyone dare even mention the words, flu,cold or sick etc.  But, fortunately over the years of studying health and healing, I have discovered many ways of keeping our family flu free.  I will be sharing all my healthy tips with your along the way.

We all need to feel good about ourselves to stay healthy.  No matter how cold and lazy I am feeling, I always get dressed up, and do my hair and make up, before venturing out.  My favourite look at the moment, is a skirt with a polar neck, tights and ankle boots.  Another feel good outfit  for me, is jeans with pretty sneakers, and a loose jersey.  The Life Retreat look book, has helped me immensely with ideas, especially when I have appointments.  Samantha put the looks together.  She is a brilliant stylist for both men and women.  The Burberry look is also great for day or night, and I have virtually lived in my cosy fleece scarf this winter.

16537a0bc4950e8d4f73a6491d8ad9bcI am beginning a column called, Savannah says, where I will be advising you on health, healing, and pretty much everything.  I will consult on experts if need be.  To ask questions, or get feedback, please click on.  We will only be giving advice on topics related to our website.


Every year we round up otherwise unemployed women to manufacture scarves & blankets for us.  We then sell them @ cost to people to donate to the needy, and Charities.  This year we have been paying it forward.  When we hand out scarves, and blankets we do so 2 at a time, and ask the person we have donated them to, to find someone else that needs one and hand one to them.  This has made us realise that no matter how much in need we are, people seem to love giving,  more than receiving.   Please purchase some and help us to keep SA Warm this winter.

Scarves @ only R14.00 each:  Purchase here

Blankets @ only R35.00 each:  Purchase here



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    Thx for the post. Love what you guys are doing with the blanket initiative


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