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The secret to perfect eyebrows!

I have been admiring these perfectly shaped eyebrows for months, wondering how women get their brows so on fleek! Until recently discovering the latest eyebrow trend, Microblading.




So, this has been the secret all along

Eyebrows enhance the eyes and the shape of your face, taking years off your age by giving the eyebrow a lifted appearance. Visiting Yvonne’s Permanent Makeup Clinic (http://www.yvonnespmu.co.za/) has certainly reassured me about the micro blading process. Furthermore, it has definitely assisted in shaping my brows to absolute perfection!

About the Microblading TREATMENT:

Microbladed brows is a technique of semi-permanent drawing of eyebrows with hyper-realistic results. The shape of eyebrows is calculated only according to the morphology of the face and the golden mean. In addition, the colour is determined only according to the natural colour of the hairs in the eyebrows and your skin tone.

How long does it last?

6 months to a year. Yearly color refreshers can be done to make them last indefinitely.

Done with medical grade EU registered pigments.

150 colors and designs are available.

Painless application.

Healing takes 3-5 days.

One touch up needed 6 weeks after the first procedure.

Yearly colour refreshers can be done


What to expect after permanent make up procedure:

Day 1-3:

Color will appear much darker and more intense due to scab formation.

Pigment molecules are planted in the 7th layer of the skin. It takes a week per layer to rejuvenate and push the molecules to the surface, thus it will take 6-7 weeks for all the molecules to reach the surface skin.

Day 3-7:

Scabs will detach and pigment will seem to have vanished in some areas. Do not be concerned as the pigment is just hidden in the lower layers of the skin. Every week it will darken and appear less patchy.

Its normal to have hair strokes with no color, they WILL reappear. Furthermore, areas will appear pinkish in color and patchy.

Day 7-14:

Color will be at its lightest but is now in development stage.

Day 14-onwards:

You will notice pigment surfacing unevenly every week up to week 6-8 after application.

After 5 weeks:

If there are still areas with pigment missing, a touch up can be booked to replace areas that might have pulled out with the scabs.

If you are happy with the color and the look then no touch up is required. Touch ups will make it darker and more solid.

Brows: yearly color refreshers are recommended to make them last indefinitely.

Use my discount code, I can guarantee these are unbeatable prices, with Cape Town’s absolute perfectionist.

LRMicroBlading: 10% discount.

Full session and touch up for only R1305

Special lasts up to the 15th of April and space is limited!

Tel 021 8524267 Cell 072 243 3430


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