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Send Your Brain To The Beach With This Vacation

stress vacation

Do you need a mini-vacation? Right now? We’ve got just the ticket for you. It’s called visualization. Retreating to your favorite place that exists in your imagination can help you relieve stress. But, prepare to spend at least 30 to 60 minutes in a quiet room without interruptions.

If you have more time start, you can start with a relaxation exercise. Lie down or sit up in a comfortable chair with both feet touching the floor and your hands lying lightly on your lap. Close your eyes and allow your breathe to become quiet and peaceful. Now imagine an outdoor scene.


Do you love the fresh mountain air? Feel it caress your face. Smell the heady fragrances of wild herbs and see the bright colours of wildflowers blooming by the hillside.

Do you prefer the ocean? Retreat to a peaceful beach, with white sand sparkling in the sunshine. Look at sea oats waving on the dunes in a slight breeze. Feel the heat on your skin. Where does your skin end and the invigorating sunlight begin? Hear the soothing sound of the ocean rolling in, one wave followed by another in a steady rhythm.

Feel the stress start to fall away

Imagine the scene in vivid detail. And as you do this, pay attention to your body. How are you positioned? What are you doing with your arms and legs? Become aware of a deep feeling of relaxation spreading through all your muscles, bones and organs. Feel the rhythm of your breathing.

Enjoy your mini-vacation until you feel refreshed and reinvigorated. The physiological responses that we call stress are actually reduced as your muscles relax, your breathing becomes slow and regular, and your brain wave patterns change. After you have practiced this scene several times, you will be able to remember it in the middle of any stressful activity for relief from tension.

Reference: 44 easy ways to relieve stress – Ann Arbor


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