Should You Eat Before Or After Exercise?

Eating after exercise

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, when it comes to exercise and weight loss, this might not be right for everyone. Should you eat before or after exercise?

Well, it depends on your reasons for exercising. Lets take a closer look…



Eating before exercise

Overweight people who are exercising to burn calories can get the most benefits from exercising after eating a meal. This is because your body has to work harder to digest food when you exercise on a full stomach. You use more calories during and after exercise on a full stomach than during or after exercising on an empty stomach.

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Eating after exercise

Don’t despair if you prefer to eat after exercise. Intense exercise can help suppress your appetite for at least a half-hour. Furthermore, your body doesn’t want to be digesting food when it’s still cooling down from a workout. So, if you want to lose a few kilos, waiting until after exercising to eat has its advantages:

You burn extra calories for at least an hour and sometimes several hours after exercising. This is called “afterburn” or “excess post exercise oxygen consumption.” People who are obese don’t get the same afterburn benefits as people who aren’t obese.

For about two hours after you exercise, your tired muscles need their energy source-glycogene. Carbohydrates and even candy bars that you eat after exercise can be more easily converted to glycogen and not stored as fat.

If you exercise vigorously, then eating before exercise can give you a stomach ache. You’ll most probably find that you do more exercise on an empty stomach.

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