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Six ways your nails give clues about your health

Nails are nothing more than an attractive ending to fingers and toes. That is for a few lucky souls. For others, they can be troublesome and painful. They can grow into soft surrounding skin. Also, they can crack, split and catch on clothes. Furthermore, they can be a host to embarrassing fungal infections. Your nails can also serve as a warning sign for a sick body that needs treatment. Here are six ways to check your nails:

Thick and dull looking

If your nails are thick and dull, you could have a fungal infection or a more serious condition.

Black or brown streak

A nail with a widening black or brown streak running up and down the nail could be a sign of cancer. A tumor at the base of the nail can cause a single groove running the length of the nail. If you notice a change in one or more of your nails, ask your doctor about it.

Love your nails


Poor eating habits and bad nutrition brings about ridges across your nail called Beau’s. A ridge can also mean you have a severe infection. Also, surgery can cause a ridge because the nail growth can be interrupted by anesthesia.

Slow nail growth

Diabetes and heart disease can decrease blood circulation to the nail. This slows down their growth. Furthermore, nail surfaces can become rough, thick and yellow. But remember, nails don’t grow as fast after age 30. This is a natural part of the ageing process.

White Spots

Small white spots on your nails are usually caused by nail trauma. They usually fade or grow out on their own. But less commonly, white spots that do not go away could be due to a fungal infection.

Concave (Spoon) nails

Spoon fingernails can signal a number of health issues. Full spoon nails are usually soft and curve up, taking on a spoon-like appearance. Nails that curve upward at the edges, can be a sign of iron-deficiency anemia, heart disease, hemochromatosis (excess iron absorption) or hypothyroidism.



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