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SP|NE by Tatiana Etienne ‘French Furniture Designer’

Tatiana Etienne

Tatiana Etienne is a French furniture designer that creates interiors and objet d’arts that cross the divide between function and art.

She has designed projects for a select clientele around the world; from creating special edition furniture to customising houses, yachts and planes.

Tatiana sees her sole mandate as creating an interior where her clientele are in harmony and can see their most ambitious creative dreams come to life.

She worked with renowned interior designer, Christian Laigre, before taking the bold step to design her own collection, titled THE SPINE.

This collection is inspired by not only the backbone of all humanity, but also by Africa, the continent where the pieces are being produced and where it will first be exhibited.

When Tatiana started her research into this collection, she quickly became fascinated by the importance and the significance of the spine in different cultures.  She travelled to W. Africa and, in Sierra Leone, saw such pride and elegance in the people’s posture that it immediately inspired the lines and fluidity of the pieces in her collection.

” Africa and her people were such a strong inspirational driving force for me, that I felt it imperative that I continue the production of the pieces and my journey towards exhibiting on the African continent.  This is why I decided to produce in SA.  I was already familiar with South African craftsmanship as I designed a residential project in Llandudno four years ago, so I knew the talent here would do my ideas justice. ” Tatiana Etienne.

With this collection, Tatiana Etienne seeks to construct a new way of looking at furniture; one that considers both discpline-specific and cross-disciplinary ways of seeing and feeling.

We will display Tatiana’s art on the site closer to the middle of April.


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