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How To Consume Alcohol Safely And Maintain A Healthy Weight

I am someone who enjoys a drink or two socially. But I, like many others, have often wondered whether I should cut alcohol out entirely to maintain a healthy weight. Is it worth it? Does that even work when I only drink relatively small amounts, and only at weekends? So I did some research and came across an article that gives ways to consume alcohol safely while maintaining a healthy weight.


Dry January

Dry January – Is It Worth Giving Up For A Month?

Alcohol Concern has thrown down the gauntlet to drinkers: can you manage a month without alcohol?

The campaign, Dry January, aims to attract funding through donations, raise awareness of alcohol-related problems and educate people about the health benefits of abstaining from alcohol.

Aside from saving money, Alcohol Concern claims that abstaining will help you lose weight and improve your sleep.

Life Retreat

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