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Hiccups! Just when you’re about to meet a new business colleague, make an important presentation or engage in serious conversation, the hiccups start. It’s not only distracting but embarrassing. So how do you quickly get rid of them? Here’s what quickly works for me; Massage the earlobes( Sounds crazy but it works). If an ear massage doesn’t work, I swallow a spoonful of sugar. A doctor in Washington has also discovered that placing ice cubes on either side of your Adam’s apple does the trick.

Here’s a weekly wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Have a great weekend!


The long hot days can be more than an uncomfortable nuisance. They can lead to serious, even deadly conditions such as heatstroke and heat exhaustion. So, remember to stay out of the heat. Also, give your body’s cooling system a hand by doing simple things like dressing for the heat. Furthermore, get plenty of water and salt. Yes salt! You need to replace the salt you lost when sweating.

Here’s a weekly wrap up of what you missed here at Life Retreat. Have an awesome weekend!

Mandela Day

Mandela Day.  Life Retreaters are giving back for 67 days.

”Death is a frightful disaster no matter what the cause, and the age of the person affected.”  Nelson Mandela, 1969


If you’re a big fan of hot curried dishes, here’s another good reason to stop by your favorite Indian restaurant this weekend. Tumeric, the herb that gives curry powder it’s yellow tint, could help prevent cancer.

Recent studies have shown how tumeric can stop the growth of certain types of skin and stomach cancers. Furthermore, new studies reveal that tumeric’s disease fighting properties stem from its ability to destroy bacteria. So don’t hold back if you’re in the mood for curried chicken, go ahead and indulge!

Here’s a wrap up of what you may have missed here at Life Retreat this week. Have an awesome weekend!

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