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Fun With Foodies!

Do you love food? It is official: I love food, so I thought a great way to spend my “free” time, would be to pay a visit to all of my favourite chefs, foodies, and restaurants. This way, I get to taste all their amazing food, and share all the latest food trends, and tastes with you. I have invited my brother-in-law, Pepe, to join me on my adventures.


Is Coffee Good Or Bad For Me?

The UK drinks an estimated 70 million cups of coffee every single day – but is this a good thing or bad thing for our health? There’s a constant barrage of health reports that seem to contradict each other, and the reason is that it’s quite a complicated area, and one that researchers are still studying. Firstly, coffee contains a whole cocktail of chemicals. The most famous of these is caffeine.

Life Retreat

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