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Can I Lose Weight With Biltong?

Is it possible to lose weight eating biltong? Are you looking for a healthy snack, that will not make you gain weight, and tastes delicious? Then eat biltong! It has loads of good qualities, and health benefits. Read on to see why it’s good for your body, and your health.

Eating Habits

5 Healthy Eating Habits You WILL Stick To This Year

If your New Year resolution is to stay healthy and fit, there’s no better way to start than with an action plan. Putting your plan together can be an arduous task if you are not focused on what you really want. Here are some healthy eating tips which you can follow in order to keep yourself in fantastic shape this year!


9 Ways This Nut Will Change Your Life

Walnuts are the crinkly, crunchy edible seeds found in oval shaped treasure boxes on walnut trees. Each shell, halved offers a rich, flavourful nut-meat that contains multiple health benefits. Each bite is packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, anti oxidants and a heap of vitamins and minerals, making this a power-food for ultimate brain, heart and body health.

High Food Prices

How To : Eat Healthy With High Food Prices

It can be pretty challenging to stick to a new year’s resolution to eat healthier when you start browsing the aisles of your local grocery store these days. Have you seen the price of a head of cauliflower these days? Or beef? Or lettuce and tomatoes? The cost of food rose 4.1 per cent in 2015 and will likely rise another three per cent this year, says the University of Guelph’s annual food prices report. So how do you stay healthy with such high food prices?


Meat : Bad, Better and Best Choices For You

If you’ve been making an effort to eat healthier, red meat may be something that you’ve recently taken out of your program plan. There’s a lot of stigma against red meat as many people believe it’s high in saturated fat and cholesterol – and should be avoided if you want to be lean and healthy. And while it’s true that some variations of red meat do posses more saturated fat than you should ideally take in, this isn’t the case for all red meat.

Myths About Protein

3 Myths About Protein For Women

At the point when speaking particularly about protein, ordinarily we expect that men and ladies require diverse sums since “men have greater muscles” or take a stab at a more “fabricated” look than generally ladies. In any case, actually, your protein needs are really not controlled by your sex, and rather rely on upon your physical size (stature and weight), exercise level and general well-being objectives.

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