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Lose Centimeters With Ceccarelli Fat Lipolyis

I have begun my  journey with Ceccarelli, in my quest to lose centimetres off my tummy.  It is a brand new “innovative fat lipolysis Mesotherapy solution”.  Formulated by Professor Ceccarelli, who is a regenerative, and physiological scientist in Rome.  Basically, it uses the “Fenton reaction” to re sculpt the body, or the face.  Dr Graham, from Skin Renewal kindly described this to me in layman’s terms, but I would suggest that if you would like more detailed info, to read up on it, here:  Skin Renewal

Diet Plan

Choosing A Diet Plan That Helps Weight Loss

We often tend to follow someone else’s nutritional regime without taking our body type or health in to consideration. We read a blog or an article that talks about weight-loss and blindly follow the tips that are suggested; without caring whether they are fat-free diet or high-protein diet or fad diet or vegan diet. The truth, however, is that every body type is different. There is no one size that fits for all kind of eating.

Life Retreat

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