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8 Benefits Of Taking Collagen

Collagen is an important building block for whole-body health! Not only is it the most abundant protein in your body but there are so many benefits far beyond its beauty-boosting abilities! There has been an increase of nearly 34% over the previous year resulting in many consumers realising just how beneficial taking Collagen is. 

Six ways your nails give clues about your health

Nails are nothing more than an attractive ending to fingers and toes. That is for a few lucky souls. For others, they can be troublesome and painful. They can grow into soft surrounding skin. Also, they can crack, split and catch on clothes. Furthermore, they can be a host to embarrassing fungal infections. Your nails can also serve as a warning sign for a sick body that needs treatment. Here are six ways to check your nails:

5 Tips For Stronger Nails

I recently stopped doing Acrylic and Gelish on my nails to give them a break. As much as I love having my nails look good, it is also imperative to keep them healthy and strong. Naturally, they seem to be relatively weak, so I decided to do some research on how I can strengthen them.

Life Retreat

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