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2016’s Must Have Health Supplements

Following the latest news on health supplements can be a full-time job. But everything you need to know about them is surprisingly very straightforward…

2016 is looking to be the year when people have access to the most effective supplements that have ever been produced. In this article, we will take a look at three of them that have got people excited.


Life Retreat’s 2015 Round Up

The last day of 2015 is here, and what a year it has been all round. In February Life Retreat was launched by three women; a mother and her two daughters. We all share a passion for health, nutrition, well-being & natural living.  Since then we have worked to bring the vision to life and make Life Retreat a platform for amazing blogs, beautiful products and so much more.

How To Consume Alcohol Safely And Maintain A Healthy Weight

I am someone who enjoys a drink or two socially. But I, like many others, have often wondered whether I should cut alcohol out entirely to maintain a healthy weight. Is it worth it? Does that even work when I only drink relatively small amounts, and only at weekends? So I did some research and came across an article that gives ways to consume alcohol safely while maintaining a healthy weight.


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