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volume loss

Facial Volume Loss Prevention

Not only do we have gravity to contend with as we age, but also the loss of collagen and skin sagging as a result. Remain younger- looking a lot longer!

When a perfectly round scoop of ice cream starts melting down towards the bottom of the bowl, it tends to remind me of the ageing process. Use it or lose it! You have to enjoy that lovely, youthful appearance before it starts ‘melting’ down in the wrong direction, creating wrinkles and folds that are simply not attractive.


Dermaceutic Demo For Photo Aging Skin

There is a new range of skin care products making waves in South Africa, they are busy taking skin care to a new level. Introducing Dermaceutic. The main concern South Africans are facing, is photo ageing. It is said that 89% of patients’ skin condition improved through Dermaceutic expert treatments. We decided to go to one of their demonstrations to see for ourselves…

Life Retreat

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