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Top 3 Fit Skin Foods During Pregnancy

The top 3 fit skin foods – Both during and after pregnancy, it’s essential to load up your plate with healthy choices that benefit your body and your skin. It’s a well known fact, that when you want to have a healthy pregnancy, it’s not just what you eat that’s important, but always try to exercise if possible. Don’t worry about heavy or swollen legs either, there is a great way to cure that too…




Natural Healing Remedies For Infertility

I am the proud mother of 4 amazing children The perfect pigeon pair, two girls, and two boys. So, you may be wondering why I would be writing an article on infertility. Well, many years ago, we battled to have children, and since I have always been passionate about health and healing, and did a lot of research, I found some extremely interesting facts.

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Goodbye Stretch Marks: The Bump

We have all heard some horror stories about stretch marks during pregnancy.
I know friends that have tried months and months to relieve the scarring across their breasts and tummy after giving birth.

It’s only natural to think that with your skin being pulled and body growing at such a rapid rate that we are all bound to have a few and we can only avert the intensity by using the best possible specialized stretch mark creams.

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